How has learning changed?

Traditional education has always been presented in a concrete form whereby a teacher is likely to stand and recite information that the student is expected to understand and remember. However, with the development of technology and the internet, education is now being offered in a more appealing and digestible form. Below are a few of the ways in which online learning has changed and helped to evolve education.

The pandemic – COVID19 has hastened the adoption of anytime, anywhere learning. Even University & Institutes, which prefered physical class room earlier, now provide ‘ON-DEMAND’ / ‘ONLINE’ learning solution due to many benefits, not just safe learning approach due to pandemic.

Continous Learning for life time : Gone are the days, when technical learning can serve once career for life time. Not any more, the rate of obsolescence in technology is so very high, one need keep learning and upgrading his skill. Physical class room or instructor lead training generally cost more when compared to online digital leaning. By just spending few dollars one can learn at own convinience.

Offer flexibility :  Traditional education has always consisted of having to be present in class everyday with the risk of falling behind if unable to attend. However, e-learning makes it possible to both learn in your own space whilst co-ordinating your own schedule. Further more, one can replay the topic many times so as to understand the topic better. This is never possible with class room learning or one can also post question online to instructor to better understanding.

Appeals to a wider audience: With the job market becoming more competitive, there is more pressure on employees to remain focused on self-development. However, they are not able to commit to attending a university class whilst working a full-time job, therefore online learning presents them with the opportunity to learn without it impacting them in the workplace. 

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