How to get started with Internet of things ?

In recent times, Internet of things has evoked greater interest among technical folks particularly from learning perspective.

Generally, most common questions revolves around like how to get started ? OR I have good programming knowledge what would be next step towards learning IOT ?. 

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) – Always free tier offering

About a year back, Oracle started offering different pricing model for its Infra-as-a-service cloud offering (Iaas – popularly known as OCI). Till Sep last year, all the Oracle Cloud product whether it was Infrastructure, Platform or Software as a service (ERP product) had 30 days of free trial. From Sep 2019, Oracle Started offering “Always free tier” in Infrastructure cloud.

Dockers on Cloud Infrastructure

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) and web services were hot developer trends a decade ago. But, it didn’t really boom in the market due to many complexity involved, like – availability experts and it was still on-premise – with cost involved in implementation & maintainenance was high in commericial application when compared to other monolitic application development


Factors which Influence the Success of ERP Implementation

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system has evolved over the period of last two decades. By ERP, I meant a system with user base of at least 200+ with more than a million dollars in investments

Cloud Computing: A New Paradigm in the IT Industry

As the IT field evolves, it becomes more mature, the need to optimize cost naturally drives the innovation and creativity. The new concept coupled with technology, which is now doing rounds is ‘cloud computing’.

Can Cloud Infrastructure re-define computer science education approach?

Pandemic is already creating a change in the education system. Online education, which was a rarity prior pandemic have gained significant traction and now it’s almost preferred whether the learner or tutor prefers it or not, it’s more of the compulsion by nature. But we also see many jokes being circulated that folks attending online session may not knowledgeable…… Oh…Really?.


ERP Business Process to Process Mining

As a person who had worked on ERP implementation & support for most part of my career, I had seen this problem very often with business process management, post implementation after few years. The most troublesome problems happen over period of time with growth of transactions volume:Those are,

Process Bottleneck due to various reasons.  

Non – Conformance of Process 

So how does the process mining help?

Understanding Internet of things (IOT) – Basics.

Interested to get an Overview about IOT?.

This youtube video is suited to anyone which wish to get a quick understanding on IOT…

This presentation on IOT covers following:

1. Evolutions from microcontroller to IOT.

2. What is IOT and use cases/ application of IOT.

3. Architecture Overview about IOT.

4. Challenges faced in IOT & opportunties.

The technology Trends of 2023

With 2023 around the corner, get an understanding of key technology trends with this youtube presentation

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